Comparable Programmes – LB Ealing

Branduin have been positive, helpful and easy to engage, all of which helps make our work easier and more effective. They understand our strategic objectives and have been a great partner working with our local business community.
Carol Sam – Regeneration Officer, London Borough of Ealing.

In February 2018 Branduin Business Support were contracted by the London Borough of Ealing to deliver a business training workshop and mentoring programme that reflected the local business needs identified through a survey conducted by the Borough in 2017.

The key deliverables and outcomes were:

  • Business Training Workshops – 60 businesses
  • 1-2-1 Business mentoring – 35 businesses x 6 hours each

The project was managed by BBS who were responsible for liaison with the Council’s programme managers and for producing a project management and monitoring process , project specific documentation and an agreed audit trail. BBS managed all bookings for workshop and mentoring places via and submitted a monthly report to the Council outlining details of all participants, the nature and hours of the training provided & the total hours of support delivered. The marketing of the programme was supported by Contact Us Ealing and a number of other local business groups, which reflects the collaborative approach BBS adopt to ensure the success of all of its programme commitments.

Some of the highlights of an independent survey of programme participants were as follows:

  • 100% of respondents said they had improved their business skills as a result of participation in the programme.
    When asked to evaluate this improvement on a ‘before and after’ basis the average participant skills had improved by 1.675 points (from an average of 2.450 to 4.125).
  • 77% of participants in the Workshop programme and 80% of participants in the mentoring programme said that their participation was likely to lead to job creation.
    Average figures quoted by these businesses equate to 2.95 jobs per Company.
  • When the average figures are extrapolated across the total number of participants it is estimated that 182 new jobs will be created at a cost of £135 per job.

Duration of Scheme: 8 months
Target Achievement: 100%+