Here’s what our clients had to say;

“We’ve been working with Branduin for some time now, providing support for both start up and established businesses. We have found their support for local businesses to be high quality and very welcomed by the businesses – as evidenced by the feedback from the businesses themselves.”
– Sean Gillen, Head of Enterprise Delivery, Richmond and Wandsworth Councils

“The grant and business support was crucial to us growing the business – we would not have been able to progress at the same rate without it. We have been able to purchase a Van and the necessary tanks and brewing equipment to drive the business forward.”
– Listers Brewery

“Branduin have provided an excellent face-to-face Advice Service for businesses in Streatham including High Street retailers and smaller independents. Positive feedback shows it’s clear the advice makes a difference to participants. “
– Mel Larsen, Director, The Next Level business support programme, Streatham

“My Business Advisor not only understood the key issues holding my business back but also offered practical routes to solving them.”
– Simon Cohen – Managing Director, Simon Inc

“Our Advisor helped us to look at our business from a different angle. He expanded our ideas beyond our reach and connect with other businesses in our niche area in order to succeed. We started seeing results from the 1st mentoring session and we are in a much better place than before. I would highly recommend them.”
– Maz Nazemi – Managing Director, Taskwave

“A great mentoring programme which definitely helped me to get my head around some things. I’ve already started putting some new stuff together.”
– Rhiannon Barnes – Manager, Loyalzoo

“I was mentored over a period of six months. In that time my Business Advisor helped me to focus and prioritise my business needs and introduce external help for me that I did not know existed. Steve and BBS were amazing and I cannot thank them enough for all their help and support.”
– Shavata Singh – Managing Director, Shavata Brow Treatments

“Very Friendly and useful advice!”
– Mary Scannell, Mary Scannell Ltd

“Thank you (Nigel). I leave refreshed and enthusiastic about new angles/directions to take for the business.”
– Eva Schweitzer, Mathnasium

“Very useful, wish we had a longer time. Keen to repeat.”
– Guy Dorrell, Faircatch Ltd

“Very good workshop for both beginners and people at different levels. Gave me new ideas to market my business.”
– Sherri Dawkins-Philip, SD Nutrition

“Very good workshop that helped me to be more focused in my marketing and social media planning efforts.!
– Crescencia Nga Che, Crescence

“I was really impressed with the level of advice and support offered in this seminar – the detail was more specific than I expected, which was great. It was also very personalised towards what each individual was working on, so it was specifically helpful, rather than general.”
– Charlotte White

“Nigel was very articulate and clear. Great listener and very pleasant. I would highly recommend him.
– Ashley Buckle, My-SKN

“The Grant has given us the confidence to grow the business in a new direction. We have been able to recruit and train staff and drive the business forward to be at the cutting edge of geospatial service delivery. The business now stands perfectly placed for sustainable future growth and we are committed to continued professional development of our staff. We are now able to offer a much greater range of services and are developing some agricultural offerings that will reduce fuel, fertiliser and pesticide use.”
– Geodime

“The grant was crucial to us growing the business – we would not have been able to progress at the same rate without it. We have been able to purchase a Van and the necessary tanks and brewing equipment to drive the business forward.”
– Lister’s Brewery

“As a small company, the resource impact of R&D cost has a significant bearing on our capacity to invest in product development. The grant has enabled us to fast track this process, launch new product to keep the company competitive with European and Global competitors where exporting is critical to our revenue and successful future of the business. Such R&D investment is crucial. Chichester Canal Trading Without the grant we would not have been able to afford the £32,000 investment to make the boat wheelchair friendly.”
– Seward

“The grant allowed us to increase our capacity significantly. We have effectively been able to double our output in the last 12 months. As a result, we can now support further growth.”
– Horsham Coffee Roasters

“The ‘Be The Business’ grant was incredibly helpful for our company to go to the next stage. The equipment purchased with the grant (that we couldn’t have been able to purchase otherwise) enabled us to almost finalise our research on our wheat straw to paper pulp process by analysing the by-product and the cleaner pulp to be used for packaging and paper products. Our process is now ready to be developed. This grant was just invaluable and the follow up meetings very useful.”
– Nafici

“As a very busy and popular coffee shop we had been struggling to be sustainable with a low average spend of £4.50 per customer. The funding for the kitchen means we can increase our food offer to meet customer demand and increase our average transaction to approximately £8.50 per customer. Without the grant we would not have been able to achieve this, to increase our staffing and provide stable employment.”
– Tom Foolery

“New customers to coffee shop attracting new business and a big step forward in services provided to local community and broader business offering.”
– Graffham Village Shop

“The grant let us take on additional schools such as Shoreham Academy, Danehill and Handcross which we couldn’t have done without the 4-head embroidery machine purchased by the grant. We can turn round jobs faster and take on additional trade jobs because the machine reduces the amount of stock we need to hold and frees us from dependency on outsourced work.”
– Sussex Uniforms

“Significant progress in Russian market, other international markets being exploited. Turnover tripled. Broadens type of work can bid for. Improved efficiency and quality. Enhanced capability to compete in specialist international markets.”
– ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

“The grant has let us complete more of the project giving the company additional income streams earlier than would otherwise have been the case. These include a brewery shop, visitor centre for tours and training facilities. Civilian Card The grant allowed me to give up my part time job and commit 100% to growing the business. Without it we would not be employing staff and continuing to grow. Thank You.”
– Hepworth Brewery

“Machine operable and catering for larger blinds. The Grant facilitated a positive development for the future.”
– Oceanair Marine

“We have renovated the whole of the front of the building that was once the foyer to an old cinema and transformed it into a luxury coffee house. We have achieved everything we set out to do, increase our turnover, increase employees by extending our opening times, offer a new and exciting new menu to old and new customers. In addition, we wanted to bring back an old building from disrepair and make it into something beautiful that will serve the people of Selsey and beyond.”
– Chaplin’s Little Shake Shop