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Welcome to Branduin Business Support!

Branduin Business Support works closely with Chambers of Commerce & Local Authorities to provide members and local business communities with access to quality-assured business advice and support.

Advice and support is provided by advisors who have extensive knowledge and experience in starting, growing and running successful businesses. Branduin team members have an exceptionally broad range of skills allowing each of them to meet the needs of businesses at all stages of their development from start-up to exit.

How We Help Businesses

We want to help you achieve your business goals and your personal goals and believe both should go hand-in-hand.

We will work with you to find out what you want to do with your business then provide the business advice and business support to help you do it!

You may want to increase profitability, gain new sales, sell your business or change its management structure. No matter what you want to achieve, what your business does or whether it is small or large, our specialist team is here to help you.

Our experienced Advisors help MDs, business owners and directors to make the sound business decisions needed and can provide a full range of business support services to ensure you achieve your goals.