Starting Up Your Business

Starting up a business is challenging at the best of times, and the biggest issue is that many entrepreneurs invest substantial time and resources in engaging with potential investors before fully testing and validating their idea.  This is where we can come in.

At Branduin Business Support, we have a team of experienced business advisors and specialists with many years of experience working closely with hundreds of individual start-ups at entrepreneur hubs. They can guide and support you all the way to help get your new business venture up and running.

Our client engagement framework is based on the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Design and Testing Business Ideas methodologies – the world’s most popular strategic management and entrepreneurial business tools used extensively by business owners and corporate teams (

  • We will help you thoroughly evaluate your innovation using the Three Lenses:
  • Desirability: Do customers want your product/service?
  • Feasibility: Can you build and deliver it?
  • Viability: Does it make financial sense?
  • Plus, Adaptability: How do external factors impact your business model?

This helps entrepreneurs evaluate a new idea, or re-visit their existing business model, and adapt or pivot if required.

Our advisors will help you test and define your value proposition and build a personalised and practical launch strategy targeted at your key customer segments.

We will also facilitate introductions to early-stage investors and other sources of funding including Start-Up Loans and Crowdfunding.

At Branduin Business Support our aim is to support every client, no matter how big or small their need is. We have a range of highly skilled business advisors who will provide you with all the information, knowledge and support you will need to enable you to confidently start up your own company.

For more information, please call us on 020 3488 7150.