“Elsa approaches all her work with professional integrity and transparency. She completes the necessary tasks – and often goes beyond contractual requirements. Above all, she is an excellent team member and sees her clients and partners as all part of the whole project community. I’d have her batting for me any time!”
Louise Third MBE, Public Relations Consultant and Trainer.

Elsa has over 20 years of diverse experience in strategic business development, consulting, project management, mentoring, grants, and corporate sponsorship.

She is a Trainer and Social Enterprise of the Year Awards winner and runs her own Centre of Excellence offering various business qualifications.

Elsa is a results-driven, resourceful professional with the expertise and a proven track record of assisting start-ups and high-growth business owners to develop and plan their business growth strategy.

Elsa has 3 Fellowship positions: Royal Society of the Arts, Institute of Consulting and an honorary Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE).

With a solid background as a consultant to the British Business Bank (Start-up Loans) and as a SME Business Advisor to the Government, she consistently demonstrates exceptional organisational and problem-solving skills.

““Elsa is a strategic consultant who employs robust methods of analysing needs. She has a wealth of information around business support and works with integrity and passion.”
Remi Okeshola, RBSS Consulting Ltd