“Alan’s great strength is listening and talking straight, his many years of experience in his own businesses has given him the tools and with his friendly personality he advises and mentors directly as he sees it. He became invaluable to me whilst I grew my business and moved office, and he always cared. I recommend Alan highly and you only have to sit down and enjoy a coffee and you will understand why he is such a people person!”
David Levy | Director, Private Medical Health

“Alan has proved an invaluable resource of knowledge whilst we navigate the minefield of GDPR legislation. His expertise has made a complicated process simple for us to get to the grips and we are now confident our business is compliant and protected.”
Ron Norris │ IT Director, Santok 

Having run companies for over 40 years, Alan is very knowledgeable in all aspects of how a business should be run. Since selling his IT support business in 2020, he works as a Non-Exec Director for a few companies, offering business advice and support as part of the management team. He is also a specialist in GDPR, being the managing director The Business Train Ltd. His outlook on GDPR is to keep it simple and to do “good” business without getting hung up on all the ins and outs of the regulation.