Which way is North?

If you were the pilot of a plane or the captain of a ship you wouldn’t expect people to step on board unless they were confident you knew where you were going. When the pilot speaks to us on the intercom confirming the route, timings, weather conditions etc. we tend to feel reassured.

It follows that if business leaders want their people fully on board, they need to communicate some key information about where they are taking the business. Leaders who share their vision with employees are much more likely to elicit the most from their greatest asset, their people.

Here at Tinderbox Consulting we help leaders and their teams achieve exceptional results in a variety of ways. Team Zip is just one of our tailored programmes designed to be practical, enjoyable and most importantly focused on our clients’ business.

Team Zip

Helping leaders and their teams identify ways to achieve the business mission and plan the road map for success by:

  • Engaging and inspiring everyone to work towards a shared vision
  • Learning how to work through a creative problem solving process that can be applied to current and future business challenges
  • Optimising the team’s ‘cognitive diversity’ and building their creative problem solving capabilities for a competitive advantage

1) A clear vision for your team that includes:
– What needs to be achieved
– What success looks like
– How success will be measured
– What you expect from your people
– What they can expect from you

2) A plan for the team to implement

3 ) A prioritised menu of business issues to be addressed over the short, medium and longer term

4 ) Certainty that your team fully understands what is required and expected of them to achieve business success

5 ) A communication strategy to ensure that everyone knows how and where they will contribute to business success

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Written by James Smallwood and Carolyn Wilson of Tinderbox Consulting.