“We have great pleasure working with Sas who manages our marketing and websites for our 2 dental practices. I have also personally known Sas for nearly 10 years and can say he is one of the most decent and well- connected chaps in the business.”
DR. JAG JEER – Business Owner Gardens Dental Centre and Toothkind Dental Care

Sas transforms business vision into a marketing strategy.

Sas’ aim is to effectively deliver the business owners vision using established marketing techniques. A starting point is usually a workshop with key stakeholders, followed by the creation and implementation of a marketing plan. Marketing delivery centres around providing revenue growth or reputation enhancement followed by regular and structured brainstorming.

Skills include:
• Marketing Strategy – transforming business vision into a marketing plan
• Digital Marketing – websites, mailshots, newsletters
• Local SEO Services – getting found locally online
• SEO Education – offering comprehensive training and education programmes on SEO
• Copywriting Services – intriguing attention-grabbing content
• Event Management – client engagement to enhance your company or brand

Sas provides marketing designed to breathe new life into your business!