Nigel helps SME owner-directors grow their business through effective Sales Enablement, Prospect Approach and Sales Structure.

If you are looking to grow but are stuck trying to figure out how to achieve extra business, believe you have a good product or service but not enough prospective customers ‘get it’, or simply want to sell more of the produce/service you provide, the Model, Methodology and ‘Mantra’ that Nigel has developed will help you to do this.

Nigel understands how most SME owner-directors find ‘selling’ can be a difficult area of business and has positioned the content and perspectives of his consultancy to ensure that increases in sales can be achieved in ways that are effective yet manageable. In particular:

• Meaningful product/service proposition
• Good client identification
• Understanding buying situations
• Approaching prospects
• Correct sales process content
• Delivery and client experience

Address sales challenges by doing the right things!