“Azim’s insights have been invaluable in helping us to focus our scarce resources on those activities which give us the greatest return. He has really made a difference!”
Ernst Heusser, Director, Citra Construction Ltd.

Azim operates as a part-time Finance Director helping smaller businesses to fulfil their ambition to grow.

Azim specialises in helping small businesses to take control of their finances. By using finance to keep score, clients get timely and relevant management information. This enables them to identify which of their activities has the most powerful impact on their success and to take appropriate action to increase the value of their business.

Azim can help you to:
• Set clear and ambitious goals
• Identify the activities critical to your success
• Set realistic targets and budgets
• Monitor performance and keep score
• Increase the value of your business

Azim was Finance Director of Prolojik Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of lighting control systems in the UK.  His previous career included roles in strategy and business development with Bass plc and strategy consulting with Bain & Company.

If you need support to achieve the success you want, Azim can help!